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Originally Posted by DAN_BRONCO_FAN View Post
ha ha why would you think i still want tebow .
my nephew wants tebow still
i was hoping tebow would get better but the jets proved to me he needs quite a bit of work and i was worried about manning going thru the motions like jim mcmahon when he played for the chargers and getting his neck snapped .
and it seems you think im mcgruder 2.0 but hey whatever makes you happy
oh btw TEBOW
that should get people fightin over mr Tebow . btw we are on the verge of going 13-3 which hasnt happen since what plummer was the QB and people still talk about Tebow what the hell is so special about Tebow.
i liked cutler because he was a bronco and i trusted shanny. ya know the 2 superbowl wins kinda had me trusting shanny .
i still like shanny ,tebow , kube , wade , dennison <-- even if he is a raider coach still like him .they at least didnt quit on the team. that wr who went to the chiefs i dont like him at all i rather have tebow and plummer vs that pos who slithered his way to a division rival by lying and saying he was quitting . i dont even want to mention that turds name
You realize Manning is better, that is good. You still believe Tebow can be a good Qb..... ahhh, not so much.
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