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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
The reason Houghtam is because Obama promised he wasn't going to make gun control a big issue. It's the left pushing a hidden agenda after an event they feel gives them polticial traction.

The reason you don't like the idea of arming a guard at schools is because that doesn't change something you don't like. It's not about making kids safer. It's about coming after guns.

The reason movies are not talked about is because guess what? They lobby with as much money as the NRA does and give more to politicians. Notice the liberal politicians say almost nothing about that. Hollywood a huge lobbying force. They want to show 15 yr olds gun blasting violence.

An assault style rifle ban and 10 clip limit just won't bite into our gun homicide rate. For one 90% of them done with handguns. Two people with rifles will just use more then one clip.
Number one, people are advocating just adding guns to the situation. Again and for the millionth time, statistically speaking, the more guns there are, the more violence there is. That is not a solution.

Number two, the reason the assault weapons ban in the 90s wasn't as effective as it should have been was because it was a weak law fraught with exceptions, grandfather clauses, and the like. That is also not a solution. I don't want to come for your guns, I want to come for the guns you have no business owning.

Number three, movies and music have long been the target of "you're ruining our youths" movements...from both sides. Or were you not born yet in the 80s and 90s during Tipper Gore's crusade against music and video games?

Number four, can you please quote for me where I said hiring armed security for schools is a bad idea? Considering you took a big swing and a miss yesterday thinking I don't trust police, I can see how you probably screwed that one up, too. As I've said multiple times, I personally have supervised dozens of off-duty police officers during my time with my theaters, and I still keep in touch with many of them. They take those jobs because they are woefully underpaid as officers, by the way. So that leaves the question...who's going to pay for it? Do you honestly think a Congress comprised of hundreds of Republicans who have refused to raise taxes for ANYTHING are going to raise taxes on gun purchases?

Instead, the NRA promises "meaningful" dialogue, and them comes out in their press release offering an "everyone's fault but mine" solution.
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