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Originally Posted by huh?? View Post
Dude, sorry to say, but your "pro" didn't do their research. You might want to take it back for a free fix, or maybe even a refund for the shame of having to display their lack of attention to detail.

The Broncos profile logo in the bottom left corner is placed incorrectly. The center point of the bottom of the logo should point straight down bringing the horse's nose down as if in a charging or stampede position. It seems to be a common mistake as almost half of the Broncos stickers I've seen on cars are placed like yours by well-meaning, but incorrect fans. I would guess that those peeps think the horse should be looking ahead instead. Nonetheless, on a display as clearly significant as yours, the oversight is unforgivable.

Wrong is wrong, and they made you pay for it.
Way to rain on the poor guy's parade.
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