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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
Oh I see. That happens alot in basketball. It's kind of sporadic in the NFL. I don't see alot if interest of big time FA wanting to go to NE or some other elite teams. Course I don't see those teams trying to lure big time FAs too. Cashing in is the top priority. But if I were a WR id want to go to a team with a great QB. Or an RB I'd want a powerful Oline. Etc
I guess i am more thinking about how Elway when he was QB could go lobby for us and have pull. I think we are set up well to cash in brother. Especially on TE, WR, RB that know manning can help their careers.

Your right though its not just manning. The Broncos went from dysfunction junction to the harmony train. Hell already Elway has our organization back to being one other teams will want to copy. Recently I felt a lot of FA came to Denver with no real plan to sign unless our offer was more money the the other team. I feel like with Manning, and like you said Elway, and a coach that players like, we are going to have our pick of FA.

True NE doesn't make a lot of splashes but some of their big ones paid off big. Corey Dillon comes to mind. Thats just the type of FA i see Denver being able to lure. A player with something left in the tank that want to win.
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