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Originally Posted by UltimateHoboW/Shotgun View Post
1.)I don't want McCoy to go. I think that he is a go OC. I think he was hamstrung by McDumbass and he hasn't had the greatest of talent to work with sans this year. However, reality is OC's leave and even internal hires bring there own playbooks.

2.) I believe there is an article that stated before Manning signed, he asked McCoy and JDR point blank, were they one and done. Both replied that they were here for the long haul unless there was the perfect situation. Manning doesn't want to learn a new system, so an internal is most likely.

3.) I wish all it took was to look over the shoulder of Manning to be a good QB. However, look at Painter and Sergio(sp). Granted neither were drafted before the 5th round, but neither couldn't even make it as backups on other teams.

Is gase my guy? No. Just not enough experience and data to make the call. Now just as an example, look at Washington, RGIII and Cousins. RGIII goes without saying, but look at Cousins. He has played well given his limited reps in a complex offense. Maybe that QB coach could be an answer or Philly's QB coach. Now I'm a little bias. I favor west coast offenses. But look at Seattle QB. Another rookie QB has be playing well. Or 49ers who got Alex Smith to stop being a head case and 2nd year QB Collin Kapernik(sp ) whom out dual Brady.
I do not think from everything I have that before this year Manning backups were a mere after thought.. they got zero reps in practice.. they were in teh room but Manning again from what I heard never thought them stuff like he is Brock.

I suspect he understands NOW his mortality.. He knows he has to train his replacement, as his age and neck may take him out at any time.. certainly his age will be a factor and one of the reason Again as I heard they took Brock was because they knew he would be a couple-three year project.. and because Manning had looked him over and thought he was going to be his replacement.. Knowing that he would get to train him the right way once again leaving his legacy behind..

Now I realize that Brock may not be able to play in the NFL, but knowing that John John and Peyton picked the kid allows me some solace that when Manning retires we should not be without a FQB tht has been trained by the best..

I guess we will see how things go in the off season, if they draft another "project" we will know theta in spite of Manning the kid will not make it..

also a signal may be letting the other guy go, to explore FA as Brock has his spot locked down..
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