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All of our DTs. It's not married to a particular formation, it's a concept and scheme. It's also not entirely noticeable. Sure, if you run a traditional 3 man front with a DT on the nose, but we don't do that. And that's not what I'm implying. It's easy to see two-gapping on actual running plays, especially interior ones, but on sweeps and passing downs, all that might tip you off to a two gap scheme is a slow release or brief pause. Many people complain Wolfe is slow off the snap despite showing extreme quickness at the Combine. That's why. He's reading his keys. And when they pass, you rush.
This is the key. Most of the run plays against our defense are in the B and C gaps, and it is not very noticeable at all that two gapping is occurring. Vickerson usually looks as though he's penetrating. Wolfe does flow with the play if it's a run play, Bannan just takes up space.. I understand that having Wolfe play DE puts more size on the line and helps with the run defense. And maybe we are using our DTs in a one gap alignment, but they diagnose the play as pass or run to determine how they play. Because we are not playing the same way as Seattle, similar but different, Seattle will line Red Bryant in a traditional 4 tech 3-4 DE role, Mebane will play the 0 and 1 and Branch plays either the 3 or 1 depending on the line shift. We do not show the exact same look, Wolfe does not line up as a four or Bannan as a 0. This is a big reason it's not noticeable that we two gap. We line up in a more traditional 4-3 from technique and alignment, but we flow to the ball almost in a two gapping way. And not having a dominate MLB may lead to more of this read and react flow from our three bigs.

I am fine with it going forward.. But I want to see more pass rush from Wolfe in the outside. I also want to see a more dominate interior. Flexible players like Wolfe who can play any front, can stop the run, but attack the QB. This is why I am huge on Brandon Williams he has set the school sack record and he's a 320 pound DT. He can stop the run, but get after the QB, he's a hard working kid, with the flexibility to play anywhere. He would more than upgrade Bannan...

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