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What we haven't really hit on is how having Manning, a players type HC, a great city, stadium and loyal fans is going to help attract FA and maybe keep coaches longer. Del Rio may be sticking around just because he knows Manning makes his job easy. But next offseason Broncos will no longer be asking FA to come visit, or be used to bump up the price of another team.

Vets are going to be asking to come play for the Broncos you watch. If Bowlen was smart he wouldn't waste any time jumping on the best FA next offseason. It makes sense because we will be drafting low.
I would think FAs would look at Elway first. Manning is only here for a few more years at best. Elway is here longer. Players see the broncos record and realize it has something to do with Elway too. So far he's done a fabulous job and players see that. They want money, but they also want to be around a winning atmosphere.
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