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Ok, prove it.

Tim Tebow in college never had a season below a 64.4% completion rate and that was the year with his fewest pass attempts (298). His final season he completed 67.8% of his passes, on 314 attempts. That's more passes than a lot of rookie QBs make in a 16 game rookie season, so it's not that his college offense reduced his attempts via having him tuck and run repeatedly..
I'll just bring up his profile of strength and weaknesses coming from HS to college and college to the pros and compare it to what we know now. 65% in college is very average really especially in a Meyer system.


"Brings big-time athletic ability to the table for a quarterback prospect. Has a strong arm and above average speed and elusiveness. Showed positive leadership ability in quarterbacking his team to the state title as a high school senior. Physical enough player to also play linebacker or fullback should quarterback not work out. Needs to work on accuracy, touch, and gain a better grasp of the fundamentals of the passing game. "


Tebow really struggles with his accuracy. Release is far to slow to fit balls into spots against NFL defensive backs. Release point and mechanics (elongated, wind-mill delivery which comes out too low) likely need to be altered. Was not asked to run through pro-style progressions and struggled reading defenses, especially those with NFL concepts, in college.


Same freaking scouting report would work. Just because someone doesn't think he can be a NFL starting QB doesn't mean he is being hated on. This is like my good friend that thinks he will be a pro golfer and he has been trying for years and only shoots par to one or two below. It's not going to happen and sometimes you just have to admit to it. The sooner Tebow realizes he is a FB the better for him.
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