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It's ***in pathetic isn't it. I just don't get the hate for the guy. I would have to call it a true mystery in human behavior.

Hey posters in 25 words or less why do you hate the guy?

and don't say you don't hate him because if you did not hate him you would not mind taking a flier on him at another position.

and don't say it is the circus he brings because if he is not a qb the circus goes away.

Why can't you guys understand its not tebow. It's his fans. Teboners always ask, why do you hate the guy? Without even knowing what the hate is directed at. When I had clowns tell me fox and McCoy were purposely sabatoging tebow or Elway was "jealous" of tebow, then that's gonna get slapped in the face. Saying the Oline sucks. WRs suck. Coaches suck. Ownership sucks. Refs suck. The equipment sucks. That kind of obnoxious **** is not a good look.
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