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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
In sports there are some people who hate players/teams just for the hate of them. Then there are some who hate teams/players because of obnoxious fans of those teams/players. Lakers are an example of that. The hate for tebow would be alot less if the ridiculous fans would just shut up about this fantasy future. Quit blaming everything around him and making excuses. There were excuses for every ****ty QB that ended up sucking in the NFL.
Yeah but both sides just breed more hate. It has less to do with Tebow at this point than about other ridiculous reasons. For that matter how many quarterbacks coming off a a playoff win get judged the way he was? Just wasn't the time.

I'm just appreciative of what he helped this team do. Playoff wins aren't a regular occurrence in Denver as of late. I'm thankful and happy of where we are now.
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