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That's inaccurate... his account was disabled for about 12 hours. The rep comments and some of his posts had been... out of character for Bacchus and the concern was that perhaps someone other than Bacchus had access to his OM account. The thought was that perhaps the account had been... compromised... and might even need a password re-set. You see, I also received a strange rep comment and found it unlikely that Bacchus himself would send that to someone that he knows is a forum moderator. But if he was being pranked, the other person who was using his account probably wouldn't know who the mods are.

It had nothing to do with Kaylore.

And Bacchus... for future reference, if you weren't being pranked (if those rep comments really were from you), then um... sending it to a mod just might not have been the brightest idea you've ever had.

And Traveler... if you place him on ignore, his rep comment goes away.
Blue No one in my entire life has called me a bright individual... no one.... EVER!!

12 hours seemed like 3 days!!! When I tried to log on it said I was banned forever. So I had to go on another Broncos site and rip everyone here. For that I am almost sorry.
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