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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
This is where the debate lies.. IAOFM put out an article that says Vick, Bannan, and Wolfe two gap.. While I haven't seen that on film, apparently it's painfully obvious. But in that case he would play DE in our base 4-3 U or 5-2 scheme and could kick inside, very similar to Wolfe.. Just more proven and with a higher price tag.
See I like Bannan, Vick, and Wolfe. I don't want to take Wolfe off the field for Seymour though. Funny thing about Seymour is he is making just 2.3 million this year. 975K base and 1.3 in bonuses. He is gone next year though his contract jumps up to 16.315 million dollars for the next FOUR years. So maybe Denver can sign him for the 1.5 million that Warren was making. I mean he still is going to get paid by the Raiders too.
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