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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Drek View Post
He also threw his OC under the bus in a post-game press conference and had rampant speculation about him doing bankers hours during the week that last season. I doubt everyone will just chalk that up to the front office sucking.

Del Rio mentally checked out on the Jags, Fox never did that to the Panthers, that burns bridges.
Well that cuts both ways. I'd heard that he was lazy too - going back three years. But then you have to let your coordinators do their job and not micromanage. If he did have a work ethic problem, is isn't showing up now. Or maybe under a more old-school, hard-nosed coach like Fox, he has the environment to push to get more out of Del Rio because of the culture he's set up here.

I don't know. I know that Norv freaking Turner after, flailing around with the Raiders, spent one season as the OC for the Niners and immediately was hired as the SD head coach. If Turner can get rehired, Del Rio can.
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