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Originally Posted by TheElusiveKyleOrton View Post
Still wondering what it will take for the levy to break and for Drek to see what 100% of GMs in the league see in Tim Tebow: A non-quarterback.
If I had the level of narrow minded incompetence most NFL GMs have with regards to their job I'd be in prison now for gross negligence and public endangerment. So sorry if I have a hard time trusting people who think failing only slightly less than half the time on personnel hires is acceptable.

I got a pocket full of coins with damn near the same reliability.

Also, to continue this discussion - Again, the point of this thread isn't Tebow as a quarterback (which I've made clear I think people dismiss far too quickly but is an aside) its about Tebow the football player. The fact that teams aren't chomping at the bit to bring him in and move him to HB or FB only further proves my point that most NFL GMs are too worried about their own job security to perform well. Tim Tebow if nothing else would be a standout situational ball carrier for any team. The complete unwillingness to bridge the gap with Tim by having him play that role while being groomed as a QB is proof enough that most NFL decision makers are about as capable of reasonable negotiation/management as the U.S. House of Congress.
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