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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Drek might be my favorite poster on the Mane, but he's so off on Tebow it's bewildering. The same illness effected Rev and Dedhed, among many others, but they've quietly backed away from their once delusional support for the Ultimate Teammate. Within a year I don't think there will be anybody left in the Tebow fanclub.
I'm with you on all three of those guys. Drek's continued insistence that he hold on to this idea that, somehow, if Tim is just given a(nother) chance, and then another one after that, and with the perfect circumstances surrounding him at all times, that his throwing will magically get better, faster; that he'll suddenly be able to read a defense; that he'll go from a fullback playing quarterback to an actual quarterback... it's just baffling.

That's why I asked the question. How many teams need to give up on him? How many GMs and personnel men need to say the words "he's just not a quarterback at this level" for Drek to believe that maybe, just maybe, the people who get paid to know might actually know.

The guy can't see the field, and he's playing behind Sanchez, who has been absolutely abysmal... and that's not a sign? And this is with jobs on the line! Rex and Tenenbaum might both be gone because of the disappointing returns, and neither of these guys wanted to put in "the guy who just wins"? Because... of some conspiracy?

I just don't follow that logic. It is illogical.
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