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Originally Posted by Archie View Post
I think the promise of HC of the Future is not usually a good thing. Creates weird politics in the coaching ranks, players, etc... See Holmgren and Mora in Seattle a couple of years ago. That was a horrid disaster for that organization.

Best recommendation was ensure a super quality organization bent on winning a couple of super bowls and the hope that he wants to plant here for a bit and be a key part of that with a name your price option at the end of it. Or better yet he takes the Joe Collier approach and decides he wants to be a DC for the rest of his career.

Finally, what's to say that he would be a good HC here. He was not in Jacksonville. Lots of amazing coordinators or coaches who made really bad head coaches. Wade Phillips is a classic example as well as the aforementioned Collier.
add Dick Labeua (sp) in PIT and there was Jim Jones in PHL there Defenses are superb and they get loads of recognition and even more respect..

and one hell of a lot less stress.. as his comments were in the article in today's DP.. he does not have to worry about how many carries his RB gets..etc..
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