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Originally Posted by BoiseBluTurf View Post
For every Steve Young and Rich Gannon there are 300 Colt McCoys and kellen Moores

Dude... Kellen has been in the league one year... how did he get lumped into your example? Kellen will probably never be a starter... but dude will make some pretty damn good bank backing up for next 10 years or so and one thing that can't be argued... he knows the game and how to read a defense... could he step in from time for a game or two? I think so.. how does that make him a failure?
Kellen Moore is an example of a stud college qb who won tons of games but slid in the draft due to his physical limitations

I am saying that if a guy slides in the draft for said limitations, and then displays those limitations when he actually plays, there is no reason to say he is an exception (this is in regards to Tebow)

Like a Rich Gannon or a Doug Flutie

Moore has not played yet, I am just going under the assumption he will be a career backup like he was drafted to be despite the fact he won tons of games in college and was a prolific passer
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