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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by crush17 View Post
Fox has said this will be his last head coaching stop in the NFL. I would like to see them work out a deal with Del Rio where he's promised the HC gig once Fox decides to hang 'em up.

That way he can build into the process and keep a lot of continuity. It may seem a bit far fetched but I really feel as though that is an ideal scenario for everyone involved.
This is the ticket! Pay JDR at near Head coach levels now with Assistant HC or Co-HC .. whatever he and Fox will be happy with and dangle the keys to the full deal as sole HC when Fox hangs it up.

its clear both coaches like stability and want most of all to win! JDR would have to be going solely for the money to jump ship early for some bottom feeder when he has at least a few excellent years with both Peyton and Von Miller to continue excelling around.

Both he and Fox have been long term HCs already. I can imagine what they both want most of all now is to win it all! Starting from scratch with a loser is a very high risk low probability deal for winning Super Bowls anytime soon.

But with what we have brewing now, even if we don't win it all this year ... is a VERY solid team that may be just a couple players away from being truly dominate in all three phases all season long next year and the few there after.

JDR is NOT going to find any place at all with a Peyton, 'DTBlack & Decker', Clady-Orlando-Beadles-Healthy Kuper and with a solid run game already in place and starting to really gel ... PLUS a Von-Doom-Wolfe-Woody-Champ-Harris- and vastly improved up and coming Rahim Moore ( not to mention getting Quinton Carter back next year at safety.

A solid kicking game and overall Special teams to boot.

He would be crazy to move now even for a HC job which he will have his pick of anyway after we win one or two SBs .. or even just go deep into the playoffs a couple years in a row which seems highly likely at the least.

I also think JDR really loves Colorado from his comments and his sons success in HS football here. Why root it all up now on a flyer when he and his family are still getting settled in with some also ran team that needs a ton of work and he will have that kind of stress and crap he didn't like at Jacksonville again.

Here, Jack has one of the better owner-ships and FO in the NFL. adn with Elway in addition to Peyton Von and the rest as a major magnet for attracting and drawing in the most talented FAs over the next couple of years .. just give him a healthy raise now and an Assistant HC-Defense title so it cant be about the money and status alone and then promise the whole team when Foxy decides to ride off into the sunset ... assuming he continues to excel as D coordinator ... and that should do the trick.

I think Fox would be fine with that as well. He is still the final call as far as on the field goes and is the lead voice of the team, but he too has nothing left to prove to anyone but winning a SB or two and what better way to do that than insure stability and consistency with an already proven winning formula!?

They all seem like great friends and long time colleagues so what is not to like?!

Go for it Elway/Bowlen .. make it happen and watch this team become the Pats of the 2000 decade for this next decade .. particularly if Brock develops into a wunderkind after a few years of up close tutelage at Manning University!

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