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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
The entire league also passed on Doug Flutie, which is why he had to go to the CFL.

The entire league except Bill Walsh passed on Steve Young at one point, after far less success than Tebow had in his brief opportunity to start.

The entire league passed on Rich Gannon as a QB, with New England originally trying to make him a safety.

The entire league passed on Kurt Warner, hence why he played arena league ball for a while.

The entire league passes on elite players all the time, only to be proven wrong further down the road time and time again. It is in no way a valid measuring stick.
Steve Young and Rich Gannon are the only people on that list who got any extensive playing time in the NFL before becoming a legend. It is not that common for someone to suck, bounce around mulitiple teams/leagues, and then become great.
And this is not even taking into the fact how the game has changed since Flutie and Young.

The difference in comparing Tebow to guys who were low draft picks, career backups, Arena league players, etc.. that become good is that teams have already seen him play the position in the NFL

He is not some unkown like a Warner or a Flutie.

For every Steve Young and Rich Gannon there are 300 Colt McCoys and kellen Moores

Yes everyone could be wrong, most likely that will not be the case though

Thinking he could of been good is one thing
Saying he still is good today after what we know is idiotic

Then again this was the same person who kept saying all last year how he was better than Cam Newton, so not too suprised

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