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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Wade Phillips has only been hired from one team's DC position to another team's HC position once, FYI. When he left SD to go to Dallas. In both NO and ATL he was the interim HC after being the DC for a fired coach. In both Denver and Buffalo he was the DC for several years before getting bumped up to HC.

Del Rio probably has to distance himself from the massive 2011 collapse of the Jags before he's a real strong target.

I'd imagine that teams interested in the DC > HC kind of hire will likely go after Vic Fangio before they want to give Del Rio a second time around.
The thing is they know the front office he had sucked, so there will be some willingness to look past those failings. Look at Fox. He had the worst record in the league and went right into another head coaching gig.
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