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Originally Posted by TheElusiveKyleOrton View Post
Our defense is #2 in sacks and #2 against the run, which is nothing short of a remarkable turnaround considering where we were over the last several years. IMO, one of the most important components of this team is Del Rio coordinating the D.

He's also sure to be a head coaching candidate, and even though he had a pretty poor experience in Jacksonville, it would be tough for him to turn down the top job.

What do you think the team needs to do to lock him up, at least for a couple more years?
The only way to lock him up is to make him Head coach, and or pay him as much as anyone else would at HC with a CO HC title.

He has done a fantastic job for us , and I'd hate to see him leave. The 7th DC in 7 years! We seem unable to keep one , either due to failure, or success.

We have to hope that he has been soured on that type of job for a while and he is satisfied to be where he's at for now. It would be great if he thought that his best role is as a DC, on a team that has a good owner, coach and GM. A super bowl run or two under his belt would also give him even more leverage with other teams, should he want the HC gig.
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