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While I wish the best for Tebow and appreciate what he did for us last year, there is no way I would want him back on the Broncos, and especially at the cost of two picks. As a FA, a few years down the road...maybe, if he is willing to play fullback, TE, or can show progress in his passing.

I do think that he has not been developed or used properly by either of the teams he has been on, and that he is the prototype Spread QB that is now becoming the new trend in the NFL. But he needs better passing skills to play in the NFL at that position, and it is questionable that he would ever get there.

It is obvioous that he does not practice well, or the Jets would have replaced Sanchez ( who is completing no more passes than Tebow did last year) with him earlier this year.

The media circus that comes with him is a big negative, and considering that we already dealt him away, I don't think it would ever happen as long as Elway is the GM here. He definitely thought that Tebow was not a NFL QB.
so the point is moot. Tebow won't be coming back here.
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