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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by baja View Post
That is not true. You jump to the conclusion it was a contrived thread, as the creator of the thread I will tell you that you are mistaken. You also assume the circus would continue. You have not thought it through. If Tebow is a TE (for example) where is the controversy? Tebow is a great football player, his instincts are off the charts. His run at QB would be over. Your biggest concern is the return of a poster you do not like. What about what is good for the Broncos. I say Tebow playing a skill position that does not involve being under center MIGHT be a good thing. Everyone is ready to toss him in the can so he could be had for cheap. The Broncos have taken a flier on far longer odds, Maurice Claret for example.

I like football players on the Broncos and Tim Tebow is a football player. Hell 2/3 rd's of this board wanted to cut Moreno, now everyone is singing his praises.

I have been on this board since the beginning and I have never witnessed a more knee jerk reacting group as this current group. What was the name of that game? Jump to Conclusions.
Just to play along, Tebow is an athlete. Could you get a better QB without the drama? We already have one. Two, actually. Could you get a better TE without the drama? Sure. We already have a couple. FB? Already have one. RB? Already have one. No need. No point. No relevance. Let some other team have the Tebow experience. We've already had ours. He wouldn't do anything to make this team better, and his presence might disrupt the locker room and make the team worse. Okay?
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