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Originally Posted by gunns View Post
I still don't see a reason in your post to have kept Tebow. Because we didn't make those hind sight picks still does not quantify keeping Tebow. Nothing does.
Keeping Tebow would have removed the need for Osweiler, kind of a 1:1 correlation there.

And the key point of this:
Is Tim Tebow a play maker with the ball in his hands? Definitely.

Is he a good character guy? Definitely.

Is he a strong leader on the football field? Definitely.

Was he the first truly dominant spread option QB in college football, an offensive format that is now storming the NFL? Definitely.

The only question here is if he can mature into a better passer. The league is moving to Tebow's style of offense as the norm. Russell Wilson, RGIII, Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, etc.. These guys are the future of the NFL and WRs/RBs who don't like QBs keeping the ball are going to have to deal with it.

Maybe Tebow doesn't live up to his potential, but he was already sunk cost for this team to keep and see how it went, while we let Manning win in the window we have now.

At the same time Tebow is just about the most dynamic ball carrier you can find within 10-20 yards, i.e. the red zone. He would have been an excellent weapon in a Manning led offense as a ball carrier. He's a more powerful runner than anyone on our team right now, having him would only improve red zone efficiency. Earlier in the season when Moreno was a weekly inactive and Hillman couldn't find his place in the offense we wouldn't have resorted to Lance Ball getting worthless touches.

Right now we're the 5th ranked offense by yardage, but the 11th ranked offense in red zone TD rate. 11th is nice but I'd prefer that gap to be as small as possible. Tebow as a ball carrier can do that. See the benefit?
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