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Baja, my biggest concern is not Mcgruder. I only bring him up as a joke and a shining example of someone who is largely irrational when it comes to their idol, but he's hardly the only one.

As for bringing in someone who has never played TE, why would we do that? There are actual TEs available, what benefit is there in retraining a QB to play a position he didn't play before? Why not just bring someone who already is a TE? Has he shown he can play TE well? Is he worth paying him an NFL salary for a position he hasn't played?

And let me be clear, Tebow will bring a circus, no matter what position you bring him in at. It will bring the people who will want him as QB and the rabid nuthuggers (like McGruder as one example). There will be all the talk about bringing him back to a team that dumped him. That is drama by itself even if not brought back as a QB. And frankly as you pointed out as far a knee jerking, do you not get that such a move would be lead to lots more knee jerk reactions?

He's a very nice young man and entertaining, but for both him and the Broncos its better to let him go and us to move on.
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