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Originally Posted by baja View Post
I think you are right. No way Manning or Fox or any of the vets will allow anyone to over look these games. You gotta know Champ is highly focused.
While I get your thought process. Trap games happen because some moke throws a couple of picks, or puts the ball on the ground.
Or for that matter allow lousy teams to stay in games everyone knows they have no chance in.

I have seen many games when we were on the other side and all we had to play for was keeping the chefs or OAK out of the playoffs. We were inspired those games and beat them.

I know that the veteran leaders KNOW what can happen but it take a couple of kiddies (less than 5 years) to be complacent and we lose a game or 2.
How many times has holiday out the ball on the ground this year.

Instead of playing tough D and wanting glory Harris goes for the ball and a pick six and it goes the other way.

Both of these teams can play tough D, will our young WR actually make those catches or KM getting the yards Manning needs to keep the D honest.

This is going on 53 years of breathing Broncos ball, most of which were not this great.

I will have a case of foreboding until we are in the Super Bowl.
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