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Originally Posted by Old Dude View Post
If Denver has red zone problems and Prater continues to miss FGs and the waterbug muffs a punt or two and Ramirez gets overpowered and Moreno starts losing shoes again while Decker trips over the turf and Thomas fumbles away a ball or two on the way to the EZ and the secondary gets popped for a couple interference calls and it just turns out to be one of those days, then that would really suck.
A plausible thus scary scenario

We do seem to be a team of destiny though. All the pieces coming together at just the right time.

Losing this game would not be the end of the world (pun intended) It may be part of a storied season.

Denver drops a game they were supposed to win, loses the 2 seed but goes on with renewed determination to win the next four and became the 2012 world champs

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