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If Tebow would be willing to play Tight-End I'd want him back in a heartbeat.
The kid is a great football player, not so much a QB, but a great leader. HOWEVER, that said I don't want that circus back in town and it would be a circus again. We'd also be stuck with the nitwits like McGruper or whatever who would never shut up about him being the QB when Manning retires. I do not want him back, not because I don't like the kid. I genuinely appreciate what the man achieved while here, but both for him and us it is not an option.

And this thread was clearly intended to bait everyone in this forum into the same dramatic outbursts that colored our last 2 plus years with McJackhole, Tim, Orton, etc. I am weary of that personally. I love that this season there is no QB controversy, coaching cheating scandal, just a really good football team with a leader who has both the intangibles and the skills. I wish Tim all the best, but it will never be here as a Bronco again.
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