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I really enjoyed last year. The broncos with Tebow at QB were exciting to watch (note I did not say FUN to watch, on the contrary, they were HARD to watch for most of the game). I was and am a Broncos fan, so by transitive logic I was a Tebow fan, not the other way around. He is a good kid. I wanted him to succeed, because as a Bronco his success could help the Broncos succeed.

Do I want him back - not a chance. That train left the station a long time ago. If he would have agreed to try TE or FB before the trade, it might have been interesting (IF the hard core Tebow fans would have shut up (fat chance eh?). But he is gone. The face of the Broncos has changed - very much for the better. The media circus is gone. Its more about the team, not a player or two. I believe his insistence on playing QB has probably permanently wrecked his NFL career. He had his chance to show his willingness to do whatever/play whatever position that would help his team win... and walked away from it. We all make our choices.

I don't hate him... in fact I hope he finds success somewhere. But it isn't here anymore.
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