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2 reasons to return to the moon:

1) The "far side" of the moon is the best place in the local neighborhood to place a deep space radio telescope, where it would be sheilded from all our radio chatter & static by 5 quadrillion tons of rock.

2) Strip mining for "Heavy Hydrogen". H3 (Tritium) is a stable, naturally occuring radioactive isotope of Hydrogen - quite rare on earth, but belived to be reletively common in the topsoil of the moon. These isotopes "rain down" on all gravitational bodies, including earth. But earth's atmosphere "scrubs" them out. On the moon, with no atmo to act as filter, H3 collects in the lunar dust.

Physicists estimate that a liter of pure tritium could run a clean hydrogen fusion reactor for 6 months.

A ton of the stuff could meet current energy needs of the US for a year.

Relatively simple to extract and store, not combustible outside a nuclear reactor core, and very, very worth transporting from the moon to earth.

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