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Originally Posted by brncs_fan View Post
I got to looking at the playoff scenarios today and this potential game got me jazzed up. So much so that I wondered if even the Super Bowl could top it in terms of the quality of the teams playing in it.

If Denver was to win it would be another rematch game for them with them presumably playing Houston (it would not surprise me to see them upset). I like Denver in that rematch even traveling to their place. We are a far superior team to the one that played them at the beginning of the year and only lost by 6.

New England has already shown that they can scorch the Texans and will fare well in that game.

From their I don't see an NFC team that I would pick over either Denver or New England. I know that the Broncos lost to Atlanta already but, once again, that was the beginning of the year. And the Patriots did just lose to the 9ers but I would expect the Patriots to win 8 out of 10 times against them (especially with an untested QB). You could maybe make the case for Green Bay who, like us, struggled early in the season and have since then gone 8-1 since starting 2-3.

To see anyone except Manning or Brady holding the Lombardi at the end of the year would be a surprise.
Agree with you on everything 100%. It's the NFL and with playoffs being just one game instead of a series obviously you never know but NE and Denver are the two best teams in the NFL. Nobody would beat either of those teams in a 3 out of 5 series.

I agree we would be the favorite in the Super Bowl and the favorite against Houston
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