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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
I still think we should have kept Tebow over the paltry pick return we got for him.
Never drafting Osweiler would have let us take Lavonte David or Rueben Randle, both could have immediately helped the "Go for it now" mode Broncos far more than Osweiler.

Also, I think if approached with a realistic road map for his future where he studies behind Manning for 2-3 seasons while being groomed and seeing action on the field as a FB/HB/H-back super utility power back he would have been amenable to it. The Tebow cult likely also shuts up after he scores a few touchdowns from a traditional RB role, racking up some nice yardage along the way.

If in 2-3 years when Manning gets done his passing has matured appropriately he's the guy, if not you sit him back down and explain that he's still not where he needs to be and can either transition over to being a ball carrier full time or the Broncos will release him form his contract/let him walk as a FA.
Absolutely not
Not sure what will come of the center we drafted, but Danny Trevathan(used the 6th on him from the Tebow trade) will be a much superior player

Dude is a gamer and a steal from the 6th

Ill take a stud ST and nickel backer over a fullback/widlcat qb all day and twice on sunday
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