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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Who two gaps on the Broncos? Because I do not see it on the's a totally different alignment and technique, it's usually very noticeable... Maybe Fontaine can verify this, he also studies the D Line.. I just don't see this 3-3-5 as our base and using two gapping?

When we run 3-3-5 the D Line consists of Doom, Wolfe, and Ayers. Wolfe will line up at the NT 0 technique and two gap. But Doom and Ayers do not play 5 techniques..I just don't see how two gapping and our scheme are intertwined..
All of our DTs. It's not married to a particular formation, it's a concept and scheme. It's also not entirely noticeable. Sure, if you run a traditional 3 man front with a DT on the nose, but we don't do that. And that's not what I'm implying. It's easy to see two-gapping on actual running plays, especially interior ones, but on sweeps and passing downs, all that might tip you off to a two gap scheme is a slow release or brief pause. Many people complain Wolfe is slow off the snap despite showing extreme quickness at the Combine. That's why. He's reading his keys. And when they pass, you rush.

The base is usually Dumervil, a DT, and Wolfe. Ayers is not a part of the base defense. He barely sees the field, and usually only when we're way ahead or its an obvious passing down. Miller and Dumervil are usually coming wide on a 9 style angle. Woodyard is always on the field, and usually we'll have an ILB up. Sometimes, we'll go with Bannan/Vick instead and present the 5-2 look with Miller standing at the line on obvious running downs. But our base defense is usually a nickel look, whether that's because we get ahead quickly, or we sack the offense so much, or we just feel our best 11 include 5 in the secondary, is up for debate. We have five DBs that play the vast majority of the entire game (Champ, Harris, Moore, Adams, and Carter). That's simply fact and the snap counts confirm that. Leonhard comes in for dime.

That means the vast majority of the time we have 6 in the box. Simple math says if you have only 6 bigs, and you rush an OLB off the edge almost every time, you have to two gap to control the running lanes otherwise you would get gashed. Not to mention Dumervil is almost useless in the running game himself, he rushes outside contain and goes for the QB every snap from his wide 9. The interior DTs and Wolfe, must contain the gaps as it all falls to them. That's why we have a 300 lb DE, whom is really a DT. There's no other reason. This is the same scheme Baltimore ran when Del Rio was the LB's coach there.
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