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You can be happy with your rights being removed, but I will not allow my God given rights to be taken. Funny that you are ok losing your semi-autos, then have a picture of a "Wolverine" with a...semi-auto...
Haha, I couldn't find a good pic with a hunting rifle. And that's probably full-auto.

I don't need a semi auto to hunt, and I'm pretty quick with a lever. I really show those empty beer cans who's boss!

I don't think they're really God given....more like Constitutionally given. However, if you feel like they are god given, then I doubt I will change your mind. Listen, I don't want to change your mind. But you must admit, there is a huge abyss between the thoughts of the far left and far right. If we all don't compromise, no ground can be gained. How long will we argue without progress?
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