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Thanks for ****ting all over my thread a-hole.

After Spuntnik the space race became a self defense measure. None of the founding fathers ever saw a plane or a car or even a railway system how can any say they would not support taxation to develop infrastructure for cars, trains, planes or access to space for colonization that would strengthen the economy of our nation?

America was built off slave labor and the plunder of its once vast resources, why not explore, and plunder resources of the other worlds in our own back yard. The moons of Saturn and Jupiter have oceans and volcanic activity, our own moon collided with the Earth eaons ago, it has the same chemical makeup, we find ways to mine for gold, diamonds, and maybe we can stop strip mining here, we are leveling mountains for gold dust. Who knows what untapped resources are out there with in our grasp?

Thinking small leads to small things, thinking grand leads to grand things.

Sadly we are impacting our environment by the way we live. When do we decide not to live in the past of our founding fathers and live our lives in the present where we can do things that were totally unimaginable to a slave owner living in the late 18th century?
There are 3 industries/areas that have historically proved awesome to create further advances in so many different fields. They are:
- war
- exploration / space exploration
- porn
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