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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Take a look at what I wrote you on the previous page...
I saw the response. I also know how we've played the entirety of the season. I can respect that you're a passionate Bronco fan that is resolute in your opinions. I don't really feel the need to rehash the same argument back and forth. You feel we run a one gap scheme, I feel we run a two gap scheme. We're obviously not going to two gap on obvious passing downs, and in Baltimore, they only ran the ball 17 times the entire game. The technique changes based on key reads. Potential two gapping D-linemen are slower off the ball because they need to read their keys and determine their job. If Wolfe is supposed to two gap the run but reads pass, he changes after the snap to either play pure contain or attempts to shoot a gap. Our scheme evolves on situations just like every team's does. It's a complicated process which is why rookies usually struggle. Wolfe is not though, which is really promising.

In terms of debating on a forum though, it's rather pointless. My larger point in participating was that we need a unique talent to play Power End, essentially a 34 defensive end if Del Rio continues to employ the scheme he has had such success with this year. And I think he will. This is the same scheme they used in Baltimore with Peter Boulware. They used two gapping DTs Sam Adams and Tony Siragusa there, along with a 5 tech in Marquise Douglas in the Derrick Wolfe role. Rob Burnett was Dumervil. Jamie Sharper was Woodyard. That was one of the greatest defenses of all time, and we're running the same thing now. We are just missing our version of Rey Lewis to make it all come together. Which is why I think Kevin Minter is our guy if he comes out in Round 1.

It's also why I don't think DT is important. Adams and Goose were at the end of their careers and were one dimensional space eaters. That's essentially what Bannan and Vickerson are. Siliga is a pure space eater as well. I would love to see us draft Kawann Short whom I listed as my #1 DT two years ago. I just don't think it's going to happen based on history and the scheme we are running. If we draft a DT, it will be a one dimensional fatty in the mid rounds or later. More likely we'll just sign one dimensional pluggers on the cheap in free agency like we did this year. And no, Terrance Knighton probably won't come cheap enough for us.

But anyway, that's what I think we are doing defensively. Jason Hunter has no place in this scheme except as a RDE backup to Dumervil, which is not needed if we keep Ayers another year. Jeremy Beal is somewhere in that mix as well. Malik Jackson is Wolfe's backup at LDE.

The more I've studied the situation, Del Rio's schematic history, and Ayers' contract apparently not having voided the final year, I think we're probably set at Defensive End barring a trade. I also don't think we go DT for the reasons stated until the mid rounds at the earliest. Moreno's success has muddied the RB situation a bit. I'm not sure what we do there.

Right now, I think we need via Free Agency or the Draft:

1. MLB (Te'o isn't an option, but Minter isn't too far behind him)

2. WR x 2 (If we got a return guy like Austin, it would make Holliday and his fumbles expendable).
3. SS
4. OG
5. NT
6. CB

RDE and RB jump way up if Ayers and Moreno are traded/cut.

That's about all the thoughts I have at this point in time.
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