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For the most part, I am with you. I also do not want to live in a society resembling the wild west. I don't want to carry a gun wherever I go.
But I do want to be safe, both me and my family.

And so my question becomes, how do you make the American people safe from those that have guns when the ones we own are gone?

I expected the answer in this country to come from the taser.
- Ban handguns and assault weapon sale to anyone but government and police
- institute a long term buy-back program, to get existing handguns and assault rifles off the street
- institute a viable taser program, where people who want personal protection can get that in a non-lethal, but effective form.

Quite honestly, I do not think the taser is yet an acceptable replacement. They are still fairly new, and they need to be further developed. They need to be so good, that someone like myself (who is not dead set on packing heat and expressing my constitutional rights), will hand over his handgun, replace it with a taser, and feel that it will be just as effective. It needs range, accuracy, multiple shot capability, penetration ability, and be affordable

And like always, it comes down to money: a LOT of money to finance a buy back program. A LOT of money to kill the arms industry.

In the end, I'd still like to be able to own and use my hunting rifles (for hunting). But I am also acceptable to having all of them not being semi-automatic. I am acceptable to them all having built-in restricted size magazines. I am acceptable to them all being a minimum length.
And should the King of England get saucy again, there would still be millions and millions of these in American hands to fight him off (said in jest)

And if you did have a taser that could replace the handgun, America would be a lot more acceptable to letting civilians carry them. Arming teachers goes from really scary to a nice precaution. Practically every mass shooting this country has seen could be minimized.
We're still missing the point of the 2nd Amendment here. It was never about hunting. Or burglars. It was about creating a country that was impossible to rule by force. In this line, arming yourself was seen as a near-duty to your country. The day a police or government force can come knocking on most doors and have little fear of what lies inside, then according to our founders, you have no real freedom.
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