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Bradley Roby

Since I live in Ohio, I have to watch the Browns play a lot. They're a really boring team, but that's because they're just solid enough to not lose by a lot. Their defense is really pretty good, and Joe Haden is one of the top corners in the NFL.

Weeden is really up and down. Sometimes it looks like he has what it takes to be one of the next generation of good QBs, but other times he just looks awful. That's probably due to the Browns receivers, which are probably the worst in the NFL, but the kid they picked up in the Supplemental Draft, Josh Gordon, really looks like he has a lot of talent that can be developed. Both of their WRs, Gordon and Greg Little, while not very good, are both huge--the kind of receiver that Tony Carter has struggled with all year. So there's that to watch for. Trent Richardson is also a beast, but our Run D will most likely shut him down.

I expect a Broncos win, by 10+, but it'll be a boring game and lots of people will whine about things afterwards. Just remember that these Browns actually have some talent, just not enough yet.
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