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What I wrote was accurate. And that sentiment was echoed by Elway and Fox last offseason, both in interviews, as well as in Free Agency.

As for Del Rio, he didn't draft Stroud or Henderson. Tom Coughlin did. Del Rio did not draft a DT high in the draft while he had any draftday say. Infact, the only time the Jags drafted a DT in the top 2 rounds in his entire tenure was when Gene Smith had usurped full draft authority and reached for Tyson Alualu in 2010. Prior to that, the Jags had spent just a few mid-round picks on DTs despite trading away Stroud and Henderson because they were too expensive.

I think its entirely accurate to say that based on established precedent, it's highly unlikely the leaders of our organization value DTs as difference makers or valuable entities to spend top resources on.

And keep in mind, Pat Bowlen hates DTs because they killed his parents. We had to reclassify Wolfe as a DE just so he could stay on the team.
Take a look at what I wrote you on the previous page...
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