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Originally Posted by Mountain Bronco View Post
Adam G, will be the man. Everyone thinks highly of him and with Peyton there and working with him all this year that would be the easy choice.
I agree with this completely. It doesn't make sense to bring in some big name OC while Peyton is running the offense. The only likely result would be getting someone who is going to disrupt the continuity of the offense by wanting to do what they've done elsewhere.

Gase knows all the players on the offense and is going to be in a much better position to continue their development. He's been around long enough to be able to handle the job, and will have Peyton as a safety net.

I also think it's the best thing for Brock. If we bring in a big name guy, he's gonna jump ship at the first HC job that comes along. Gase likely wouldn't get an HC offer for at least a few years, and would likely be around when Brock takes over for Manning.

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