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This is true. You can have a field, you can have the players but you need the ball to play the game and the owner has the ball

I think it's a mistake for the owner to get involved in football operations but he owns the team

This is what is cool right now about the Broncos, From Bowlen on down everyone is going in the same direction. This could not have been said about the last couple years of Shanny and for sure the McEra

but then why would Tebow want to go to a team where the coaches are 100% behind him. Somebody sold him a bill of goods in NYJ could be the same way in JAX
Except that the Jags yanking Tim's chain like Rex just did would not make much business sense in Jacksonville, FL. If he's in town, he'll have to play unless Blaine Gabbert suddenly starts playing like Drew Brees or something.
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