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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
I didn't insinuate anything. You voted for Obama, but pretend that you don't support his military policies. Which is false, because if you didn't support his military policies, you wouldn't have voted for him twice.
You live in an awfully black and white world. My state does not allow write-in's for POTUS. If it did, I would have gladly placed John Hunstman down with my vote. My choices were Obama, Romney, Goode and Johnson.

My senior thesis in POLS was entitled: "Obama's Graveyard: The Failed Foreign Policy Endeavors of AfPak." (Hint: I was highly critical of it and still am.)

You keep on making more assertions and assumptions, but we all know that is what you do. Grasping at whatever straws you can. Stop derailing Steven's thread. Seriously, I think someone took a dump in the produce department. Go sweep it up!
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