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Wesley Woodyard

Originally Posted by ColoradoDarin View Post
Players go in as individuals, they don't go in "as" anything but themselves.
I agree and disagree. If you look at the Hall of Famers list on the Pro Football HOF website, you will see players listed multiple times if they played for multiple teams and under a player's bust it will list in chronological order the teams he played for and the dates of play for those teams.

On the other hand, a player often picks a team that he would like to represent him through the HOF process. For example Gary Zimmerman had the opportunity to pick the Vikings or Broncos both for HOF introduction and when he was recognized at the stadium during the 2008 football season. Zimmerman elected to have Pat Bowlen represent him and chose to celebrate his election into the HOF at Invesco Field at Mile High.

Also - Most would argue and believe that Elway was our first HOFer and Zimmerman our second. However, Willie Brown was elected to the HOF in 1988 and played for both the Broncos and Raiders... he is universally recognized as a Raider in the HOF even if the description under his name gives credence to the Broncos as well.

All that being said, it is not like the Baseball Hall of Fame where they place a team cap at the HOFer's "spot". The Pro Football HOF does not choose a team. The player does get to elect which team (if any) he'll go to for the ceremony at the stadium. Peyton is the kind of player and person where he'd likely go to both Indy and Denver (If he wins a ring here... please please please), and choose a longtime friend, coach (Dungy?), or team mate to introduce him. I could see him possibly asking John to do it, based on what happens over the next couple of years and the relationship the two continue to build. If he asks a former Colt player or coach, then it will likely be seen that he is going in as a Colt. If he asks a Broncos, vice-versa. If he only chooses one stadium to go to in celebration of his induction, then it will be seen as he is choosing that team.

But it is the Player's choice and they do not have to make it known.
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