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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Who cares? Obama has also spent more money and ran up more debt than all other Presidents combined.

I don't promote spending tax dollars on space exploration, if we have to borrow (or print) money to do it.
You tried to insinuate that I voted for a guy whose policies are destructing NASA. All I did was conveniently point out that Obama is funding NASA at a higher level compared to every President outside two years of George H.W. Bush since Nixon's inaugural year in 1970. Why you decided to come in here and insult Ro and I and make this about Obama is beyond me. Well, no it isn't, because that is what petulant people like you do. You keep on stepping into the batters box and are about three seconds ahead swinging on a breaking ball. It must be frustrating to wake up every day realizing that you are that obtuse.

Grow up.
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