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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Here is one of your posts:

Looks like you support the current administration's policies to much so that you advocate that "all of these economic issues would be resolved tomorrow" if only Obama, Reid, and Pelosi had their way permanently. This administration has started and continued unnumerable wars and conflicts over the past 4 years. You simply hide a blind eye to it.

You are the worst form of hypocrite.
Actually, I support Krugman's take. The Dems are closest to him, but even then, not far enough. Bernie Sanders is much closer than the Dems. The Republicans, on the other hand, are so completely and ridiculously extremist in the wrong direction on the fiscal cliff issue (which is bull**** anyway) that who in their right mind could support them? So yeah, if the Republicans disappeared tomorrow, the issue would be resolved and the nominally "correct" decisions made, and we would be headed in the right direction. So, I marginally support Obama, with caveats, on this one issue. Even then, like Bernie warned us, Obama already seems to be caving.

Bush created the $1 trillion dollar unfunded, unnecessary war. So I guess a lot of that money could have been spent on space exploration. I see Obama's stimulus as a direct result of the closing down of Glass/Steagle (Clinton's fault) and the subsequent deregulation of Wall Street (Bush). Everybody gets a piece of the **** pie.

What are you? A child? You were wrong. It happens. Maybe if you thought of political questions as a little less black/white you'd suffer a little less anxiety about them?
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