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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
That is a pretty good analysis. Shanahan spent 6 years after Elway left trying to find a QB then when he got one he was fired two years later. I remember hearing that Elway pissed Shanahan off because he waffled on his retirement and the longer it went the more convinced Shanahan thought he was coming back. When Elway then retired after the draft and after Rich Gannon had already signed with Oakland he was pissed. I guess he wanted Gannon. I wonder how things would have been different wiht Gannon leading the tema for 3 or 4 years after all he did lead Oakland to the SB in 2002.
I remember listening to Nalen talking about how he was for sure Elway would of played another 2-3 years if Shanahan would of stepped down. Nails said Elway didn't like the way Shanahan was so stubborn and it caused conflicts between the two.
I am a big fan of Elway and Shanahan. If it wasn't for Shanahan, Elway would of never go to another superbowl much less winning one. Because of this, I don't think Nalen is correct. Elway has much confidence in Shanahan and his system. However, I don't doubt Shanahan being stubborn, but not to a point where it caused Elway to retire.
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