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Originally Posted by troyjbath View Post
It's hard not to be an HD snob these days. It pisses me off that Dish Network can't get HD feeds on local channels. I refuse to watch the NFL or any other sport in SD.
They do carry HD for the Denver Locals (4, 7, 9, 31, and some other miscellaneous channels that I dont watch).

But if you really are an HD snob, hook up an antenna to your Dish receiver. Off the Air digital HD is better than what any of the satellite or cable companies provide.

Most DVRs can record 2 programs at once... if you hook up an antenna you can record a 3rd.

I currently have 2 HD DVRs, but am going to be looking into the "Hopper" over the holiday. We are considering another panel, and getting an HD feed is MANDATORY. I refuse to hook up anything over an old 21" tube TV without having an HD feed.
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