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I obviously have no idea of the inner workings of the broncos staff, I just kinda get the feeling you get a guy that 1) Peyton feels comfortable with and 2) more or less stays out of his way. A very highly paid sounding board.
I think you have it nailed.
Everyone keeps pointing to Tom Moore. It's not a bad idea, but the guy is 74 years old. Next year 75.

This might sound stupid, but I like Tony Dungy, with a couple of thoughts behind it:
1) He's a crappy commentator
2) He's only 57
3) He knows Peyton as well as anyone
4) He fits the billing for a background, information primary guy that wouldn't come in looking to dump a new system on the offense
5) "Your post sucks. He's a D guy, not O!". True he's from D, but let me tell you, he knows both sides very well. He's a very brilliant football mind.
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