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Originally Posted by maven View Post
That can be per anyone, because now that the playoffs are out of reach everyone is trying to save their own bacon. You insert Tebow now and win the final 2 games, you look like even more of a ****ing idiot.
And by skipping over him you show everyone that you are not only stupid , and stubborn, but a chicken **** prima donna coach afraid of being shown up by the player everyone loves to rip as talentless( at QB).

Of course, with team members making statements to the press about said "terribleness", you also show them to be classless( which they are) and undermine your position with them too. So you go along with the program and play the 3rd string guy.

Just another way in which Ryan has mishandled the whole thing all season long, from the "mystery offense" ( that never was ) in the preseason, to the Real offense ( that disappeared most games) in the regular season.

If Ryan survives this season as HC in New York the media there haven't held up there stripes as a place that Eats its own young.
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