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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Homerism at its best.

All three are great players. But Miller is not that much better if he is at all.

As far as supporting casts yep the other two teams have us beat not by much but by consistently.

Miller last year was only rushing the QB in some cases they ran at him in passing situations and the RB blew past him for good gains.

This year he has made himself into a very complete OLB. He is going have to have monster games against the next two teams to garner any awards.
There's a good case to be made that Watt is in the same class as Von. The case with Aldon is weak unless you just like pretty sack numbers. He doesn't put nearly as much pressure (sacks + hits + hurries) on the QB as Von does, and he's no where near the run defender that Von is.

And who else on the Broncos front seven is anywhere near Willis, Bowman, and J Smith? Dumervil is the Aldon Smith on our team.
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